Jun. 29th, 2011 10:24 pm
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[A darkened hotel room - one of those in Spero, for those of you keeping track. The view is at an odd angle, as though perhaps it turned on accidentally. In the gloom you can pick out the back of Moa's head, against the far side of the bed.

There's a shuffling noise, some rattling, and a tinny voice speaks up.

I love you.

[Nothing moves. The rattling begins again, and a bird's foot comes into view.]

I love you. [Again there's no response. The bird whistles like a tea kettle, it's head bobbing into view.] I love you. You're such a pretty bird.

[The girl doesn't move. It howls like a wolf, obviously trying to get her attention by now.]

You're such a pretty bird.

What a good boy.

I love you.

I love you.

[The feed times out.]
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[And trailing in at the end of the event is a Moa. Friends and family may have heard that she knocked her head and was thus unable to go on the Spero trip, and visitors may have noticed that she was a little more loopy than usual - but still, it wasn't a bad bump, and other than the trip she's been fine.

She is apparently not fine right now. She is in fact just sitting there, on the edge of the bed, crystal in hand. It's hard to see it, but if you turn the volume up there's a bit of sound:

"She must have...[...]...taken. [...] I'm sorry."

There are gulls in the background. Someone sighs and murmurs something meant to be comforting. There is a silence, a silence where things should be said and they aren't, things should be done, but there's no direction to anything. Someone is walking away.

To the uncaring maybe it means nothing. But the ache here is practically tangible. From the crystal, a girl begins to cry.


Apr. 26th, 2010 11:51 pm
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[The video is facing away from Moa's face, and towards an overstuffed binder. In the corners of the screen you can see other things: what looks like a clunky, old version of the communicators; a small pile of old posters advertising various things; a dead and dried rose. A few of the things brought back from the Spero trip.

Moa begins to speak. She sounds like she's keeping her voice very level and devoid of emotion.

Green died on the way back from Spero. She was very sick, and she ended up drawing a gun. I'm sorry.

We saw a lot of things. And we brought back most of it, too. [Pause.] I want to show you this first.

[Then her hands are reaching out to the binder, which she opens to the first page and then slowly goes through, letting the camera record all of it. Here under "Binder" is all the information she is showing. Through it she makes no comments.

When we reach the last of it, she slowly closes the book and sets it down.

...Minato, do you think I could come see you?

[The video turns off.

After a few moments something is added to the message.

Private to Lolita and Holden // 75% unhackable

I'm sorry. And - ....and I know...everyone else is...not going to be sorry. But I...I am.

I... didn't...want this to happen.


[ooc: I didn't see anyone else claiming the binder, so it is in inventory for public consumption, along with the communicator with the apple recording (henceforth to be known as the applecator!). She'll let you look at them if you want to come over.]


Apr. 20th, 2010 10:39 am
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I know it was hard to reach us before, so I held off for as long as I could until we got back on the ship. We're heading back now, so it should be clearer.

We found a lot of things out and have lots to show everyone.


I think we're going to need a doctor when we get home. We're bringing back someone with us, and there's something really wrong with her.

We have Green.

[ooc: commentlogs with fellow pirates are totally awesome. And sexy!]
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....Sorata's gone. Shuichi, too.

....Giovanni? Do you think you could come watch inventory for a few days?


If I left....and came back, without knowing this place anymore...what would you do?
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[And here is a Moa in some old clothing - they look a little like what she is passing for pajamas. Her hair has been tied up in several spots, making this a little comical - and there's also a small black fuzzball on top of her head.

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...oh, God...God dammit, Sorata! God damn you!

I didn't even get a damn thing from the - damn - item thing -



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