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[The frequency's been quiet for a week. There's been no one to talk, no one to encourage everyone or lament Discedo's bad luck. The Inventory's been unkempt in the high school.

And all at once everything flickers back to life - literally. The girl gasps for the first breath she's had in a week, suddenly finding herself on a cot in the hospital. Her death was too quick for her to remember, but she does remember that she was in inventory beforehand. How did she get here, then?

She finds her communicator already running, and tentatively picks it up.

...did I hit my head again?

[That would be a good explanation, right? But at the same time, she's not achy anywhere, and there's no bumps or bandages...

Anyone out there up to explaining?
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....we have a few flashlights in inventory, for the fog...if you could get here... but mostly just...stay inside, I guess.

...we used to have fog at home, sometimes. In Kilatas...we were right on the sea, so...


Has everyone ever wondered...if the scientists put more than just chips in us?
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Okay. I'm head of the inventory, so - if anyone needs anything from it -

I've got some of those boxes with the red plus on it. Those are hospital boxes, right? I'm bringing them over now, and if you need anything else, tell me. I can get it to you really fast!

We can get through this. We just have to keep together.

Entry Fifty

Nov. 3rd, 2008 01:39 pm
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We still have a few of those large guns here at inventory, and plenty of sharp stabby things, if anyone's defenseless. They haven't gotten into the school yet, so it's safe.

What else can I do? Maybe we should all group together, maybe in the gym or something....?

happy fiftieth entry, ha.

...Bass? Where are you?
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Things falling from the sky again....

...wh -

this -

ohmy -

[shuffle shuffle tapping on metal.]

...umm....this is a weird question, but...can anyone tell if...like...an object still has...power?
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I hate this place.
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Things from the sky!! Things from the sky!!!!
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Doctor Weaver says that I'm a little sick, so I have to eat well and rest a lot. I've got the rest part down, I think, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to eat well...

I had fun on the supply run. It probably wasn't supposed to be fun, but who cares? It's not like we didn't get a lot of stuff done....

I haven't heard a lot of stuff about the masquerade lately...are we still having it...?
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[ooc: First of all, Umi-mun said I could post this, so. Yay. 8D;

So! It's the sleepover at the Gohl St Apartments, and the girl's are gonna LOOK SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! We're doing this ala the Town-Meeting logs. Feel free to tag people, run around like nuts, and LOOK PURTY.

GIRLS ONLY BTW except for Zel, who got dragged in for a minute. XD]

Eeek, I'm so excited~

[she claps her hands together, bouncing around the room with her blanket wrapped around her shoulders like a cape.]

I even found a brush for us to play with our hair with...!


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