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[The frequency's been quiet for a week. There's been no one to talk, no one to encourage everyone or lament Discedo's bad luck. The Inventory's been unkempt in the high school.

And all at once everything flickers back to life - literally. The girl gasps for the first breath she's had in a week, suddenly finding herself on a cot in the hospital. Her death was too quick for her to remember, but she does remember that she was in inventory beforehand. How did she get here, then?

She finds her communicator already running, and tentatively picks it up.

...did I hit my head again?

[That would be a good explanation, right? But at the same time, she's not achy anywhere, and there's no bumps or bandages...

Anyone out there up to explaining?


Nov. 21st, 2009 12:31 pm
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[good morning, Discedo, it's time for the Moa Report.]

I feel like I have a lot to say...even though it hasn't been long.

[First off:]

That....blank two days we had. It's not too weird for me, I've kinda slept for that long before, but... I think it happened a while ago, too. I don't remember...maybe...not a "year" ago - or was it then too? Well the point is, I think it's a pattern.

[She doesn't sound too worried about it, though. Because...]

I don't know...I think....I dreamt about something nice. ♥

[She shifts the camera a little upwards, so you can see her face better.]

Even though I still feel kind of sick - is this the "flu"? - and Nill is gone...

[Her fingers worry the blanket a little. Maybe slightly pensive.]

I feel okay, I guess.


You know, I don't think she ever talked a lot about her world. I can't picture where she is now.

[Pause, and then she sighs and rests her chin on her hands, thinking for a while. Her dark hair falls over her face and she remembers the last bit she was going to say:]

Um. Is there anyone who could cut my hair?
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...Sorata's back.

False alarm.



For everyone new since I haven't done this in a while...hi, I'm Moa, and I run inventory down at the high school. If you need anything, we've got anything!

[she pauses and then grumbles.]

No, that's not a good catchphrase....hmm....

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[she coughs, sounding a little stuffed up, but also very content. A little bell jingles.]

Ace and Green came over yesterday with a little tree. It looks really nice...it has little colorful balls on it and...


A sock. It's got stuff in it...

[she sniffles and the bell rings again.]

Am now I'm an angel. [Laughs.] You guys are silly.

There's this big box thing too. It looks like a candy...


Ack - !


I wonder what kind they are.

Happy Discomas....?
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[Locked to anyone with a heart on Moa's profile. Also Soren you can come too <3 ]
Wow, I've made a lot of entries in this thing.

You know, I realized...we don't really know very much about each other, even though we talk a lot. Let's play a game, okay? I'll say something about myself, and if you have it in common with me, then you say so and you get to say something about yourself. And then if another person has it in common with you, they get to say something else about themselves. Like that!

[Locked to Mom, moderately hackable]
Hey.....Mom? ♥ jkdfjkfsj I...was wondering if we could go see, um, Mr Sullivan sometime. I...just want to see him?

[Locked to Mr Sullivan, moderately hackable]
Dear Mr Sullivan,

May I come see you soon?
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Dear Sneaky Group Scientists,

Are you still there? We haven't heard from you in...a while...?

Dear Link and Sheik,

Is everything okay? I haven't heard from you and I don't know if you're okay....

Dear Integra,

Do you need anything? I can get things for you...

...and...you'll protect me from the perverts, right....?
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Dear Scientists,

Please help us to rebuild Discedo. We...I think...

[coughs. Formally, as though she's been practicing this.]

We, the...undersigned....residents of Discedo, wish to make this city (of Discedo) into a habitable and prosperous place. As such, we will do everything we can to assist you in...making Discedo better.

[ahem ahem. Rustling of papers; she HAS been practicing. Still nervous, though.]

We also...acknowledge...that there are those who do not wish to assist with the bettering of the city. We accept this, and...well, we accept this. However, for those who do wish to rebuild Discedo....we ask for your help, in whatever way possible.



Thank you for your time.

Psst - guys. Sign your name under here if you agree with this, okay? Please.
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Doctor Weaver says that I'm a little sick, so I have to eat well and rest a lot. I've got the rest part down, I think, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to eat well...

I had fun on the supply run. It probably wasn't supposed to be fun, but who cares? It's not like we didn't get a lot of stuff done....

I haven't heard a lot of stuff about the masquerade lately...are we still having it...?
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...I'm feeling better now...I hope I didn't upset anyone more than they already were or anything.

I'm going to be a supply runner for Mr Edgeworth...I hope I can help everyone here. I've also...um, I think I'm going to take lessons from Mr Iroh, if he's okay with that. I don't think I'll ever be able to fight very well, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try, right?

Also, sorry if I wandered into your room!


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