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[The frequency's been quiet for a week. There's been no one to talk, no one to encourage everyone or lament Discedo's bad luck. The Inventory's been unkempt in the high school.

And all at once everything flickers back to life - literally. The girl gasps for the first breath she's had in a week, suddenly finding herself on a cot in the hospital. Her death was too quick for her to remember, but she does remember that she was in inventory beforehand. How did she get here, then?

She finds her communicator already running, and tentatively picks it up.

...did I hit my head again?

[That would be a good explanation, right? But at the same time, she's not achy anywhere, and there's no bumps or bandages...

Anyone out there up to explaining?


Apr. 26th, 2010 11:51 pm
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[The video is facing away from Moa's face, and towards an overstuffed binder. In the corners of the screen you can see other things: what looks like a clunky, old version of the communicators; a small pile of old posters advertising various things; a dead and dried rose. A few of the things brought back from the Spero trip.

Moa begins to speak. She sounds like she's keeping her voice very level and devoid of emotion.

Green died on the way back from Spero. She was very sick, and she ended up drawing a gun. I'm sorry.

We saw a lot of things. And we brought back most of it, too. [Pause.] I want to show you this first.

[Then her hands are reaching out to the binder, which she opens to the first page and then slowly goes through, letting the camera record all of it. Here under "Binder" is all the information she is showing. Through it she makes no comments.

When we reach the last of it, she slowly closes the book and sets it down.

...Minato, do you think I could come see you?

[The video turns off.

After a few moments something is added to the message.

Private to Lolita and Holden // 75% unhackable

I'm sorry. And - ....and I know...everyone else is...not going to be sorry. But I...I am.

I... didn't...want this to happen.


[ooc: I didn't see anyone else claiming the binder, so it is in inventory for public consumption, along with the communicator with the apple recording (henceforth to be known as the applecator!). She'll let you look at them if you want to come over.]
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S-s-some - one -

[Guess who doesn't have near enough body fat to keep herself warm in a non-powered high school? She wouldn't've come out of her cocoon of blankets if she hadn't heard a thump from outside inventory. And now she sounds panicked.]

L-Lana i-is - s-something's happened and - Lana, get up! L-LANA!



Wild LANA has fainted! Trainer MOA is panicked!

Use potion y/n?]
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So, I know this is not a good time for this....but we don't have any guns in inventory anymore. We don't really have a lot of ammo left, either. I don't want to worry people, but we haven't gotten any from the supply runs in a long time, and...well, that's that.

The last few runs did seem a little scarce in general, too...we still have stuff, but it's a little less...stuffy.


A lot of newcomers have come in again, so welcome to Discedo. I'm Moa, and I run inventory - we're on the second floor of the High School, if you need anything. Except for guns. We also have a soup kitchen here, and there's lots of classes you can take. Please tell us if you need anything, okay?
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[And here is a Moa in some old clothing - they look a little like what she is passing for pajamas. Her hair has been tied up in several spots, making this a little comical - and there's also a small black fuzzball on top of her head.



Aug. 17th, 2009 02:09 am
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[The communicator snows for a few moments, and shuffles against cloth. Then Moa's voice comes on, hesitant.]


[pause, for a watch check.]

...morning, Discedo.

[she takes a few soft breaths.]

Miss me?

This place looks terrible. Where's my Inventory Club?



Jun. 12th, 2009 10:40 pm
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Something is wrong. Something...something's happening to us.

[LOCKED TO Layton, Metal Sonic, Sonic (game version), Demyx, Persian, Testament, Shinji, Juno, Sorata, Roxas, Prydain, Umi, Nani. Hard to hack.]

Metal was right. There's something going on with people...they're not - acting right...

Is everyone alright? Say something please. Be careful.
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Daniel is gone.

...I'm going to go plant those seeds I got a while ago.
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Th-this city's trapped us. We can't get out or we'll be - killed. We're -

we're stuck.
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You didn't - do it on purpose. I - I know that. You're...going to come back for me.....after everything...

[her voice cracks.]

It's okay. I'm not - angry. I'll be okay.

[she's trying not to cry, not until she gets the communicator out of her hands at least...]

H-Hawkeye, can I...come stay with you? F-for a little bit. Just....

[mission fail. The tears are falling.]

Feel kind of lonely.
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Um, inventory's back open.

[locked from Juno SORRY BB ILU ;~; / hard to hack]

Does anyone know anything about...doubles in the city? People who...look like you?
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....I....can't get into the High School.

Um, my room is kinda in there. And inventory. And all the food.

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[hmming and footsteps.]

I brought you food, Rail.

[knock-knock! There's no answer, but Moa just laughs a little.]



[silence. The door is opened slowly.]


[the plate of food is dropped, shattering.]

N-no, don't...don't do this.


[she takes a deep breath.]


F-freck - RAIL! RAAAIILL!!

[this time, when no response comes, she screams.]


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