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If you had to choose a few people to be our leaders here in Discedo...who would you choose?

If you're here to say "that's a stupid idea" or "me because I'm the hottest" don't answer or I'll...throw things at you.

Possible Leaders
Professor Layton
Harry Mason
Iroh (x3)
Mr Edgeworth?
Balthier (x2)
Ashe (x2)
Ky (x2)
Robin (x2)
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Every freck, Bass, I coulda used your help right about now There's no need to get all...upset. I...that man will be back, and we can go get him, and it'll be okay. It was just an accident. I mean - I know it hurts...it's okay to hurt. But hurting people back won't help at all. It'll just make a cycle, over and over...of pain. We need to learn how to forgive, and make amends.

[private to Edgey fail orz]
Mi Mr Edgeworth? Um, I - could you help us?

[private to Akihiko fail again]
...Where are you, Akihiko? My name is Moa, I'm Junpei and Shinji's friend...do you need - help? You could stay with me, if you needed...someplace to stay?

[private to Sneakies f-f-f-f-fail!]
...could I have some grass seeds, please? For the cow?

Entry Fifty

Nov. 3rd, 2008 01:39 pm
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We still have a few of those large guns here at inventory, and plenty of sharp stabby things, if anyone's defenseless. They haven't gotten into the school yet, so it's safe.

What else can I do? Maybe we should all group together, maybe in the gym or something....?

happy fiftieth entry, ha.

...Bass? Where are you?
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I've got a lot of entries. Unlike some people, Rail~

Okay, I need a list of supply runners! Layton says we're going out every "Sunday at noon", and so someone has to tell me what that means, and then we can all go out.

Supply Runners!
Professor Layton
Raziel (?)
Mona Lisa

what else. Well, I guess we can start up on the To-Do List. How do we get electricity and heating for everywhere? What's being planted at the greenhouse, and what/where else can we plant?

[locked to Bass.]

I'm all done with my normal organical activities and stuff.
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...I think I'm sick again.

meh. Well, fine. I can still do work.

I - guess I'm a secretary for the supply runners now! Umm...what should I do? Catalog stuff? Decide what we need? I could...probably do that. Probably.

I was kinda wondering about what those people who went away for the Sneakies saw...what's out there? Are there people...?

And I'm re-posting the To-Do List because you all need to add to it. )
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I heard something about Nill being sick. Are you okay, Nill? Want me to bring soup over?


[throat clearing.]

I think that we should make a list of things we can do to help improve Discedo. Some of us are going to stay here - and we're all going to stay here for a while, at least - so we'd better get crackin' at it, right? So, put down your suggestions here. We can make a list, and then we'll start up on it. It's easy when we know what our goals are.

To-Do List!
- Electricity for all residences
High school - check!

-Heating for all residences
High school

-Garden list

-More gardens!

[locked to Doctors]
I'd like to see a doctor, please.

[locked to Mom]
...Mr Edgeworth is back.

But he's not our Edgeworth.
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Things falling from the sky again....

...wh -

this -

ohmy -

[shuffle shuffle tapping on metal.]

...umm....this is a weird question, but...can anyone tell if...like...an object still has...power?
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This just in.


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Doctor Weaver says that I'm a little sick, so I have to eat well and rest a lot. I've got the rest part down, I think, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to eat well...

I had fun on the supply run. It probably wasn't supposed to be fun, but who cares? It's not like we didn't get a lot of stuff done....

I haven't heard a lot of stuff about the masquerade lately...are we still having it...?
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...I'm feeling better now...I hope I didn't upset anyone more than they already were or anything.

I'm going to be a supply runner for Mr Edgeworth...I hope I can help everyone here. I've also...um, I think I'm going to take lessons from Mr Iroh, if he's okay with that. I don't think I'll ever be able to fight very well, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try, right?

Also, sorry if I wandered into your room!
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If anyone needs a blanket, I've washed a whole bunch of them, so they're nice and clean (and mostly not-holey....). Just yell me~

On that note...is there anyone who could take me to the high school, to drop of the blankets to Mr. von Karma?


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