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A long time ago, when I was still new here, we had a group of people responsible for helping newcomers. They were called...scouts, or escorts, or something that sounded like that. Anyway, they would greet people, give them information about Discedo, and offer to get them someplace safe.

Back then Garcian was the one who had the information posted up....but it was just like the one Patchouli had. Everyone still remembers Patchouli, right? I copied her information post down, and I think it should be put up again for everyone. I can't help with escorting people very well...but I can greet people when they come in. And give them information. We have to keep everyone updated on what we know about this place...or we'll never get anywhere with it.

I should update my information post too. [And a pause.] Sakon's notes are gone too...I thought I wrote them down...

[Minor shuffling through some of the Inventoryland papers. But it's just a surface check, and she's back after a moment or two.]

Anyway, will people help with the escorting?

[ooc: So yes, I would like to reinstate the escorting team for newcomers. Since my characters are already doing a bunch of crap and Moa really can't escort people very effectively, if someone else wants to lead this, please tell me because I am definitely in support of that. XD I do think it's something that we should have both for IC and OOC purposes, though, so here it is being started off. So is anyone up for helping a cute Inventory girl and getting CR with newcomers? :D You know you want to!]


Feb. 13th, 2010 04:16 pm
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[Today Moa is sounding shocked. And for good reason. After everything, she should be exhausted, but something's sparked her interest....]


I s-saw a hawk.


[And slowly she sounds brighter than before. They're freezing, hungry, tired, but there's a sparkle behind those clouds.]

That m-means that the s-sun is coming. A new d-dawn. And I - I wasn't imag-gining it because it f-flew over twice. I-it means...

We're g-going to be okay.

[There's silence for a little bit. She's a little in awe. Also it's cold.]

...Valentine's D-day is still tomorrow, you kn-ow. I'm g-going to r-read the letters still....okay?

...a-and - ca-n I s-see a doct-tor? M-my hands are still kind of hur-urting and I can't t-type with them anymore. I'll b-be okay, right...?


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