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Do you know what we need, Discedo? A little fun. I know we've had a hard time of it recently, but it's important to stay positive, and to celebrate those you love. Because that's all we have here - each other. And that's all we need.

Valentine's Day is the fourteenth. You give your loved ones candy on that day. Fortunately, we have plenty of candy over here in Inventoryland. Don't forget about it!


Sep. 5th, 2010 01:42 pm
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Due to everything going on, the Inventoryland trials are canceled for today. Your new job is to report in if you're safe.

[ooc: SO all tags for Moa/Jackie/River/Meryl should be getting done today. Slowatus end! Yay!]
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[The Moa Show today opens with an explosive sneeze.]


[She picks up the communicator from where it fell onto the bed, rubbing an eye as she angles it back towards her face. Winner of the Lamest Immune System: Queen Moa!]

Alright...we need to get this over with before everything explodes again or I get sicker...

[She clears her throat....clears it again....pouts, and turns on text.]


By royal decree, all Inventoryland candidates (people who talked to Lord Giovanni about working here) must pass three trials! On Sunday, all shall assemble in room 203 to begin their tests!

[locked to Minato, 75% unhackable]

Pry invited me to live in Gohl. That's not too far from Latimir...right?

[ooc: SO BASICALLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN. If your character talked to Giovanni at any point about working in Inventory, we'll have a log up on Sunday for their "trials". It will not actually be difficult. XD But you must refer to her as Queen Moa.]


Mar. 28th, 2010 07:05 pm
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[Have the first-person POV of coming into inventory. Guess who's back?]

I'm back in inventory now. Thank you for watching over it for me, Giovanni.

[Here follows her shuffling around and settling herself on her nest of blankets and pillows and soft things. Now that she's ready to rule over her domain again...]

I think it's long past time that we had one of these. I know Sakon and Patchouli have information posts, so...here's mine.

...I want someone to copy it down on paper. Write it in - English, Japanese, German, any language you know. So if I ever leave...you'll still have it.

[She pauses, gazing at the feed. She's obviously been thinking about this a lot.]

In Orokos, we had the leftovers of an age that no one remembered. We called the people who lived back then the Faded, and we thought that their technology was amazing. No one understood it, but it was so beautiful that we thought the Faded must have had perfect lives. If we had been able to understand their wonders, our lives would be so much better.


They had amazing things. But they had problems as well. Lessons they learned and that we had forgotten, or that we could have learned from their mistakes. But everything had been lost to the Fade, and after it, we started to do the same things as they did. The same mistakes were happening again.

I don't want that to happen to us.

[Her point finished, she reaches over and shuts off the feed.]
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So, I know this is not a good time for this....but we don't have any guns in inventory anymore. We don't really have a lot of ammo left, either. I don't want to worry people, but we haven't gotten any from the supply runs in a long time, and...well, that's that.

The last few runs did seem a little scarce in general, too...we still have stuff, but it's a little less...stuffy.


A lot of newcomers have come in again, so welcome to Discedo. I'm Moa, and I run inventory - we're on the second floor of the High School, if you need anything. Except for guns. We also have a soup kitchen here, and there's lots of classes you can take. Please tell us if you need anything, okay?
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You all act like Christmastoe getting people to kiss is a bad thing or something. I don't mind getting kissed~

Inventoryland is open for all your gifting needs! But the price for gifts is:

You have to tell me a secret. ♥

One gift per secret, please~!

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Inventory is back open...but with the professor gone, we'll need someone else to head up supply runs. Can anyone do it? We usually have them on Sundays...

...and speaking of Sundays...with Nani gone, are we going to have Stone Soup still? What about the cafeteria...? Please say someone is going to take over for us...it wouldn't be right to stop it.


Nani and Lilo, Layton...Juno and Naruse...there are so many people leaving, all of a sudden. ....You don't think...that we're going back, do you? All of us?


Hey, Imoen? Sorata, Shuichi? Let's...do something together. We can have a little sleepover. I've got a lot of blankets.
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...Sorata's back.

False alarm.



For everyone new since I haven't done this in a while...hi, I'm Moa, and I run inventory down at the high school. If you need anything, we've got anything!

[she pauses and then grumbles.]

No, that's not a good catchphrase....hmm....

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Um, inventory's back open.

[locked from Juno SORRY BB ILU ;~; / hard to hack]

Does anyone know anything about...doubles in the city? People who...look like you?
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....I....can't get into the High School.

Um, my room is kinda in there. And inventory. And all the food.

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Seventy is a big number...!

Sorata....is...is anyone feeding his animals? We should take care of them. I guess...well, I don't really know where I'd put them. Chickens are small enough to live in the inventory, but cows are kind of big....


Is there any way I can, um...well, there are doors to each of the inventory rooms, but it'd be easier if they were all interconnected, you know? Is there any way we can do that? Would we break the walls down...?

Oh - and - um, thank you for the flower....?
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I've got the spots.

What should I do? I don't want anyone else to catch it. Um, maybe I'll close inventory for a while...I don't know...

[a little cough.]

Is everyone okay? Ness? Mona? Nani, Zel - Sheik, Link?

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Okay. I'm head of the inventory, so - if anyone needs anything from it -

I've got some of those boxes with the red plus on it. Those are hospital boxes, right? I'm bringing them over now, and if you need anything else, tell me. I can get it to you really fast!

We can get through this. We just have to keep together.

Entry Fifty

Nov. 3rd, 2008 01:39 pm
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We still have a few of those large guns here at inventory, and plenty of sharp stabby things, if anyone's defenseless. They haven't gotten into the school yet, so it's safe.

What else can I do? Maybe we should all group together, maybe in the gym or something....?

happy fiftieth entry, ha.

...Bass? Where are you?
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I've got a lot of entries. Unlike some people, Rail~

Okay, I need a list of supply runners! Layton says we're going out every "Sunday at noon", and so someone has to tell me what that means, and then we can all go out.

Supply Runners!
Professor Layton
Raziel (?)
Mona Lisa

what else. Well, I guess we can start up on the To-Do List. How do we get electricity and heating for everywhere? What's being planted at the greenhouse, and what/where else can we plant?

[locked to Bass.]

I'm all done with my normal organical activities and stuff.
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...I think I'm sick again.

meh. Well, fine. I can still do work.

I - guess I'm a secretary for the supply runners now! Umm...what should I do? Catalog stuff? Decide what we need? I could...probably do that. Probably.

I was kinda wondering about what those people who went away for the Sneakies saw...what's out there? Are there people...?

And I'm re-posting the To-Do List because you all need to add to it. )
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I know there's a lot going on.... but, Hawkeye? Do you think...you could come to inventory and look over my mom? She's still sick, and upset. And now I'm going to take care of her and make her better.

Everyone, I need your help. I don't know very much about taking care of people, but she's my mommy, so....

and no one is taking care of the inventory either....



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