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Do you know what we need, Discedo? A little fun. I know we've had a hard time of it recently, but it's important to stay positive, and to celebrate those you love. Because that's all we have here - each other. And that's all we need.

Valentine's Day is the fourteenth. You give your loved ones candy on that day. Fortunately, we have plenty of candy over here in Inventoryland. Don't forget about it!
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Hear ye, hear ye...the Q-queen of Inventoryl-land shall now read her subject-t's deepest conf-fessions!

[And henceforth there shall be no chattering of the teeth because it would be hard to read. Letters are in quotes, and Moa's responses are in green. ♥]

Anonymous letters first. )
To Mr Gavin )
To Miles Edgeworth )
To Yukari )
To Trucy )
To Franziska )
To Franziska and Mr von Karma )
To Ema )
To Mr Marshall )
To Vera )
To Lana )
To Hiwatari-san )
To Damon Gant )
To Rika )
To Kaye )
To Sorata )

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Keep looking up! ♥
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Even when it's cold, and supplies are running low...we have to keep our spirits up. ♥ And what better way to do that than with Valentine's Day~?

For those of you who don't know, Valentine's Day is the day when you celebrate love and friendship! Usually, I think you give people chocolate...but this year, we don't have a lot to spare. So instead of that...

I, Queen Moa of Inventoryland, propose a


In this post, put down a note of your gratitude or love or something else nice to someone, and on the 14th (that's Valentine's!) I'll post all of them for everyone to see! You can even confess without anyone knowing who you are! ♥

[ooc: Something fun for Valentine's. :3 As said above, the process is basically 1) post something ICly on the love letter post 2) Moa will read them all off on the 14th 3) ??? 4) PROFIT. ♥ ]


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