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Do you know what we need, Discedo? A little fun. I know we've had a hard time of it recently, but it's important to stay positive, and to celebrate those you love. Because that's all we have here - each other. And that's all we need.

Valentine's Day is the fourteenth. You give your loved ones candy on that day. Fortunately, we have plenty of candy over here in Inventoryland. Don't forget about it!
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[Backdating is totally cool yo, so have a post that should've been up a week ago. It's a short post! Consisting of one public message from Moa, locked from Minato; ]

I hope boys like jewelry.

[And that's it. Unless your name is Papanato Minato, in which case have this locked message.]

Can I come over?


Apr. 7th, 2010 05:13 pm
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[Aaaaaaaaaand it's a Moa face! There's something new about it, too. She's wearing a headband...a very specific, ninja-like headband that a certain Papa has lost recently. She looks excited about the whole thing.]

How do I look?


She turns the feed off. And then comes back a few minutes later to add some important news to the post.

I'm a Care Bear Cousin!


Mar. 28th, 2010 07:05 pm
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[Have the first-person POV of coming into inventory. Guess who's back?]

I'm back in inventory now. Thank you for watching over it for me, Giovanni.

[Here follows her shuffling around and settling herself on her nest of blankets and pillows and soft things. Now that she's ready to rule over her domain again...]

I think it's long past time that we had one of these. I know Sakon and Patchouli have information posts, so...here's mine.

...I want someone to copy it down on paper. Write it in - English, Japanese, German, any language you know. So if I ever leave...you'll still have it.

[She pauses, gazing at the feed. She's obviously been thinking about this a lot.]

In Orokos, we had the leftovers of an age that no one remembered. We called the people who lived back then the Faded, and we thought that their technology was amazing. No one understood it, but it was so beautiful that we thought the Faded must have had perfect lives. If we had been able to understand their wonders, our lives would be so much better.


They had amazing things. But they had problems as well. Lessons they learned and that we had forgotten, or that we could have learned from their mistakes. But everything had been lost to the Fade, and after it, we started to do the same things as they did. The same mistakes were happening again.

I don't want that to happen to us.

[Her point finished, she reaches over and shuts off the feed.]
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Hear ye, hear ye...the Q-queen of Inventoryl-land shall now read her subject-t's deepest conf-fessions!

[And henceforth there shall be no chattering of the teeth because it would be hard to read. Letters are in quotes, and Moa's responses are in green. ♥]

Anonymous letters first. )
To Mr Gavin )
To Miles Edgeworth )
To Yukari )
To Trucy )
To Franziska )
To Franziska and Mr von Karma )
To Ema )
To Mr Marshall )
To Vera )
To Lana )
To Hiwatari-san )
To Damon Gant )
To Rika )
To Kaye )
To Sorata )

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Keep looking up! ♥


Feb. 13th, 2010 04:16 pm
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[Today Moa is sounding shocked. And for good reason. After everything, she should be exhausted, but something's sparked her interest....]


I s-saw a hawk.


[And slowly she sounds brighter than before. They're freezing, hungry, tired, but there's a sparkle behind those clouds.]

That m-means that the s-sun is coming. A new d-dawn. And I - I wasn't imag-gining it because it f-flew over twice. I-it means...

We're g-going to be okay.

[There's silence for a little bit. She's a little in awe. Also it's cold.]

...Valentine's D-day is still tomorrow, you kn-ow. I'm g-going to r-read the letters still....okay?

...a-and - ca-n I s-see a doct-tor? M-my hands are still kind of hur-urting and I can't t-type with them anymore. I'll b-be okay, right...?
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Even when it's cold, and supplies are running low...we have to keep our spirits up. ♥ And what better way to do that than with Valentine's Day~?

For those of you who don't know, Valentine's Day is the day when you celebrate love and friendship! Usually, I think you give people chocolate...but this year, we don't have a lot to spare. So instead of that...

I, Queen Moa of Inventoryland, propose a


In this post, put down a note of your gratitude or love or something else nice to someone, and on the 14th (that's Valentine's!) I'll post all of them for everyone to see! You can even confess without anyone knowing who you are! ♥

[ooc: Something fun for Valentine's. :3 As said above, the process is basically 1) post something ICly on the love letter post 2) Moa will read them all off on the 14th 3) ??? 4) PROFIT. ♥ ]
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[Moa teeters nervously onto the stage. If not for her scared face, she would look pretty cute in her dress and makeup and general cuteness. She waits for Yuuko/the twins to urge her on before blushing and shakily starting...]]


Some say love
it is a river
that drowns the tender reed
some say love
it is a razor
that leaves the soul to bleed...

some say love it is a hunger
an endless aching need...

I say love it is a flower...
and you it's only seed

[Slowly she gains confidence, and manages to take the song to the end. She gives the camera a beam and a bow and skitters off.

Song (but with a little less Japanese accent).
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You all act like Christmastoe getting people to kiss is a bad thing or something. I don't mind getting kissed~

Inventoryland is open for all your gifting needs! But the price for gifts is:

You have to tell me a secret. ♥

One gift per secret, please~!

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As Queen of Inventoryland, I demand that whoever is "pranking" the high school repent! My surrounding territories must not be desecrated!
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I've never seen a trial before...I think it was....really well done. It felt fair for everyone. I'm glad we have Mr. Edgeworth and Mr. Wright and everyone. You did really well~

I sort of - wonder who did it, though. I mean, I don't know Axel and it looked like he didn't do it, but someone had to, right...? I don't really remember Phineas, but he seemed nice. Not that nice people don't...get hurt sometimes.

[locked to Mona]
Mona, can we talk...?
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Okay. I'm head of the inventory, so - if anyone needs anything from it -

I've got some of those boxes with the red plus on it. Those are hospital boxes, right? I'm bringing them over now, and if you need anything else, tell me. I can get it to you really fast!

We can get through this. We just have to keep together.


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