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[And trailing in at the end of the event is a Moa. Friends and family may have heard that she knocked her head and was thus unable to go on the Spero trip, and visitors may have noticed that she was a little more loopy than usual - but still, it wasn't a bad bump, and other than the trip she's been fine.

She is apparently not fine right now. She is in fact just sitting there, on the edge of the bed, crystal in hand. It's hard to see it, but if you turn the volume up there's a bit of sound:

"She must have...[...]...taken. [...] I'm sorry."

There are gulls in the background. Someone sighs and murmurs something meant to be comforting. There is a silence, a silence where things should be said and they aren't, things should be done, but there's no direction to anything. Someone is walking away.

To the uncaring maybe it means nothing. But the ache here is practically tangible. From the crystal, a girl begins to cry.
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Sorata...? I got grass seeds from the Scientists. Yorda, Lexaeus, will you help us plant them so they'll grow....?

I found a cookbook, too. At least I think it's a cookbook. You spell "cook" like see oh oh kay, right? See, in Orokan you only need one symbol for "cook". English is weird.

....I hope everyone is okay. And not trying to kill each other. Is Demyx....are we still having, um, Discomas? What do you do for...Discomas? Dress up please?

Can't sleep anymore.



M -


No. Mom, Mommy -

[Moa scratches and tosses at the blankets on Integra's bed, as though she were only hiding, as though perhaps making a mess of the covers will bring her back into sight.]

No, no no no no NO!

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Mommy's getting better. ♥ My arm's all better too

Thank you~

[locked to Link, Zelda, Mona. Moderately Hackable]
I need some girl-talk.
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Ness....do you think you could please come over today? Please...

Or...anyone who knows how to help someone who's sick....

I'm sorry, I haven't been paying any attention to what's going on. I heard shouting....is everyone alright....?
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I know there's a lot going on.... but, Hawkeye? Do you think...you could come to inventory and look over my mom? She's still sick, and upset. And now I'm going to take care of her and make her better.

Everyone, I need your help. I don't know very much about taking care of people, but she's my mommy, so....

and no one is taking care of the inventory either....

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Mommy....? urggh Mom, I...kinda feel...horrible...

Hawkeye, I think I'm sick again...

[pained whimper and the recording cuts.]
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[she motions for everyone to hide. Will force Edge if he doesn't want to.]


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[LOCKED to everyone on her "Relationships" List with a heart or "?", EXCEPT FOR Integra and Miles 'cause he'll just be grumpy. Moderately Hackable.]

Okay, okay. I need everyone's help.

Mom's birthday is on...um...the 27th. Which is two days. "Wednesday"? I don't really know much about birthdays or anything, but I want her to have a party or something....

I think a lot of you have had birthdays, so, um....tell me about them? Help me plan one! Please ♥


Dear Scientists...do you think you cold give my friend Lexaeus a heart? He somehow doesn't have one, and...I think he would...I think he deserves one. He's nice even without it...

Demyx ♥ I was wondering if you could help me with something...
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Mom, Mom - we have to get Zelda out of that building. She's stuck and she's the last one and - and she can't - we have to g-get her out!

She can't go like Soren...
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[Her voice is a little ragged, hoarse. She's been crying far too much.]


Are you there?
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[sobbing. Integra's voice.]

Sssh, sssh, Moa...I will fix you right up, things will be alright.

[Moa's voice responds, high-pitched and wavery from pain.]

I - I think it's b-broken...

Nothing that is not fixable.  [Shuffling - she is picking Moa up.] I am going to take you to the clinic. Is that alright?


[A humming. It's coming from Integra, and sounds oddly like a lullaby. Faint footsteps.]

I promise that things will be alright, Moa.

[The sobs quiet down into whimpers. After a while.]  w...why did....

...His mind is...warped at the moment. And he is very, very jealous.

[she continues her humming after speaking. The snifflings from Moa continue, but she stays quiet otherwise.

Integra sounds slightly warm.]

Once we reach the clinic, I will not leave your bedside, if that thought comforts you at all.

[Moa responds with something like 'okay' or maybe 'thank you', but it's hard to make it out through the whimpering.]

[ooc: set after the Moa-Ness log. WE CAN STILL BACKLOG THAT THOUGH]

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[Locked to anyone with a heart on Moa's profile. Also Soren you can come too <3 ]
Wow, I've made a lot of entries in this thing.

You know, I realized...we don't really know very much about each other, even though we talk a lot. Let's play a game, okay? I'll say something about myself, and if you have it in common with me, then you say so and you get to say something about yourself. And then if another person has it in common with you, they get to say something else about themselves. Like that!

[Locked to Mom, moderately hackable]
Hey.....Mom? ♥ jkdfjkfsj I...was wondering if we could go see, um, Mr Sullivan sometime. I...just want to see him?

[Locked to Mr Sullivan, moderately hackable]
Dear Mr Sullivan,

May I come see you soon?


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