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[And trailing in at the end of the event is a Moa. Friends and family may have heard that she knocked her head and was thus unable to go on the Spero trip, and visitors may have noticed that she was a little more loopy than usual - but still, it wasn't a bad bump, and other than the trip she's been fine.

She is apparently not fine right now. She is in fact just sitting there, on the edge of the bed, crystal in hand. It's hard to see it, but if you turn the volume up there's a bit of sound:

"She must have...[...]...taken. [...] I'm sorry."

There are gulls in the background. Someone sighs and murmurs something meant to be comforting. There is a silence, a silence where things should be said and they aren't, things should be done, but there's no direction to anything. Someone is walking away.

To the uncaring maybe it means nothing. But the ache here is practically tangible. From the crystal, a girl begins to cry.
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S-s-some - one -

[Guess who doesn't have near enough body fat to keep herself warm in a non-powered high school? She wouldn't've come out of her cocoon of blankets if she hadn't heard a thump from outside inventory. And now she sounds panicked.]

L-Lana i-is - s-something's happened and - Lana, get up! L-LANA!



Wild LANA has fainted! Trainer MOA is panicked!

Use potion y/n?]
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You didn't - do it on purpose. I - I know that. You're...going to come back for me.....after everything...

[her voice cracks.]

It's okay. I'm not - angry. I'll be okay.

[she's trying not to cry, not until she gets the communicator out of her hands at least...]

H-Hawkeye, can I...come stay with you? F-for a little bit. Just....

[mission fail. The tears are falling.]

Feel kind of lonely.
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Okay. I'm head of the inventory, so - if anyone needs anything from it -

I've got some of those boxes with the red plus on it. Those are hospital boxes, right? I'm bringing them over now, and if you need anything else, tell me. I can get it to you really fast!

We can get through this. We just have to keep together.
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[hmming and footsteps.]

I brought you food, Rail.

[knock-knock! There's no answer, but Moa just laughs a little.]



[silence. The door is opened slowly.]


[the plate of food is dropped, shattering.]

N-no, don't...don't do this.


[she takes a deep breath.]


F-freck - RAIL! RAAAIILL!!

[this time, when no response comes, she screams.]
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Sorata...? I got grass seeds from the Scientists. Yorda, Lexaeus, will you help us plant them so they'll grow....?

I found a cookbook, too. At least I think it's a cookbook. You spell "cook" like see oh oh kay, right? See, in Orokan you only need one symbol for "cook". English is weird.

....I hope everyone is okay. And not trying to kill each other. Is Demyx....are we still having, um, Discomas? What do you do for...Discomas? Dress up please?

Can't sleep anymore.



M -


No. Mom, Mommy -

[Moa scratches and tosses at the blankets on Integra's bed, as though she were only hiding, as though perhaps making a mess of the covers will bring her back into sight.]

No, no no no no NO!

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Every freck, Bass, I coulda used your help right about now There's no need to get all...upset. I...that man will be back, and we can go get him, and it'll be okay. It was just an accident. I mean - I know it hurts...it's okay to hurt. But hurting people back won't help at all. It'll just make a cycle, over and over...of pain. We need to learn how to forgive, and make amends.

[private to Edgey fail orz]
Mi Mr Edgeworth? Um, I - could you help us?

[private to Akihiko fail again]
...Where are you, Akihiko? My name is Moa, I'm Junpei and Shinji's friend...do you need - help? You could stay with me, if you needed...someplace to stay?

[private to Sneakies f-f-f-f-fail!]
...could I have some grass seeds, please? For the cow?

Entry Fifty

Nov. 3rd, 2008 01:39 pm
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We still have a few of those large guns here at inventory, and plenty of sharp stabby things, if anyone's defenseless. They haven't gotten into the school yet, so it's safe.

What else can I do? Maybe we should all group together, maybe in the gym or something....?

happy fiftieth entry, ha.

...Bass? Where are you?
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This just in.


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Mommy....? urggh Mom, I...kinda feel...horrible...

Hawkeye, I think I'm sick again...

[pained whimper and the recording cuts.]
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Mom, Mom - we have to get Zelda out of that building. She's stuck and she's the last one and - and she can't - we have to g-get her out!

She can't go like Soren...
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[sobbing. Integra's voice.]

Sssh, sssh, Moa...I will fix you right up, things will be alright.

[Moa's voice responds, high-pitched and wavery from pain.]

I - I think it's b-broken...

Nothing that is not fixable.  [Shuffling - she is picking Moa up.] I am going to take you to the clinic. Is that alright?


[A humming. It's coming from Integra, and sounds oddly like a lullaby. Faint footsteps.]

I promise that things will be alright, Moa.

[The sobs quiet down into whimpers. After a while.]  w...why did....

...His mind is...warped at the moment. And he is very, very jealous.

[she continues her humming after speaking. The snifflings from Moa continue, but she stays quiet otherwise.

Integra sounds slightly warm.]

Once we reach the clinic, I will not leave your bedside, if that thought comforts you at all.

[Moa responds with something like 'okay' or maybe 'thank you', but it's hard to make it out through the whimpering.]

[ooc: set after the Moa-Ness log. WE CAN STILL BACKLOG THAT THOUGH]

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Please don't do this....
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[tuneless humming and the sound of a door opening.]

Sorry, I just had to get some water for the ramens Ryoji left...


It's kinda late...

....actually, it's really late...


I - Integra?!
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Now I do feel sick...

ugh, I'm so tired. I feel like I'm gonna fall over...
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[sobbing noises.]


why did you do this to us...? I...

I want to live. Doesn't everybody?


I don't want to die....
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...I really don't think the stink bomb is funny.
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[locked to Mona Lisa, Link, Ryoji, Sheik, Haseo(?), moderately hackable]

T-this man - he says he killed Haseo -

He's...lying, right? Haseo is fine...he's fine, isn't he?

Haseo? S-say something. say something...


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