Sep. 5th, 2010 01:42 pm
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Due to everything going on, the Inventoryland trials are canceled for today. Your new job is to report in if you're safe.

[ooc: SO all tags for Moa/Jackie/River/Meryl should be getting done today. Slowatus end! Yay!]
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[The Moa Show today opens with an explosive sneeze.]


[She picks up the communicator from where it fell onto the bed, rubbing an eye as she angles it back towards her face. Winner of the Lamest Immune System: Queen Moa!]

Alright...we need to get this over with before everything explodes again or I get sicker...

[She clears her throat....clears it again....pouts, and turns on text.]


By royal decree, all Inventoryland candidates (people who talked to Lord Giovanni about working here) must pass three trials! On Sunday, all shall assemble in room 203 to begin their tests!

[locked to Minato, 75% unhackable]

Pry invited me to live in Gohl. That's not too far from Latimir...right?

[ooc: SO BASICALLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN. If your character talked to Giovanni at any point about working in Inventory, we'll have a log up on Sunday for their "trials". It will not actually be difficult. XD But you must refer to her as Queen Moa.]


Feb. 13th, 2010 04:16 pm
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[Today Moa is sounding shocked. And for good reason. After everything, she should be exhausted, but something's sparked her interest....]


I s-saw a hawk.


[And slowly she sounds brighter than before. They're freezing, hungry, tired, but there's a sparkle behind those clouds.]

That m-means that the s-sun is coming. A new d-dawn. And I - I wasn't imag-gining it because it f-flew over twice. I-it means...

We're g-going to be okay.

[There's silence for a little bit. She's a little in awe. Also it's cold.]

...Valentine's D-day is still tomorrow, you kn-ow. I'm g-going to r-read the letters still....okay?

...a-and - ca-n I s-see a doct-tor? M-my hands are still kind of hur-urting and I can't t-type with them anymore. I'll b-be okay, right...?


Nov. 21st, 2009 12:31 pm
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[good morning, Discedo, it's time for the Moa Report.]

I feel like I have a lot to say...even though it hasn't been long.

[First off:]

That....blank two days we had. It's not too weird for me, I've kinda slept for that long before, but... I think it happened a while ago, too. I don't remember...maybe...not a "year" ago - or was it then too? Well the point is, I think it's a pattern.

[She doesn't sound too worried about it, though. Because...]

I don't know...I think....I dreamt about something nice. ♥

[She shifts the camera a little upwards, so you can see her face better.]

Even though I still feel kind of sick - is this the "flu"? - and Nill is gone...

[Her fingers worry the blanket a little. Maybe slightly pensive.]

I feel okay, I guess.


You know, I don't think she ever talked a lot about her world. I can't picture where she is now.

[Pause, and then she sighs and rests her chin on her hands, thinking for a while. Her dark hair falls over her face and she remembers the last bit she was going to say:]

Um. Is there anyone who could cut my hair?


Aug. 17th, 2009 02:09 am
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[The communicator snows for a few moments, and shuffles against cloth. Then Moa's voice comes on, hesitant.]


[pause, for a watch check.]

...morning, Discedo.

[she takes a few soft breaths.]

Miss me?

This place looks terrible. Where's my Inventory Club?

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I've got the spots.

What should I do? I don't want anyone else to catch it. Um, maybe I'll close inventory for a while...I don't know...

[a little cough.]

Is everyone okay? Ness? Mona? Nani, Zel - Sheik, Link?

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[she coughs, sounding a little stuffed up, but also very content. A little bell jingles.]

Ace and Green came over yesterday with a little tree. It looks really nice...it has little colorful balls on it and...


A sock. It's got stuff in it...

[she sniffles and the bell rings again.]

Am now I'm an angel. [Laughs.] You guys are silly.

There's this big box thing too. It looks like a candy...


Ack - !


I wonder what kind they are.

Happy Discomas....?
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Sorata...? I got grass seeds from the Scientists. Yorda, Lexaeus, will you help us plant them so they'll grow....?

I found a cookbook, too. At least I think it's a cookbook. You spell "cook" like see oh oh kay, right? See, in Orokan you only need one symbol for "cook". English is weird.

....I hope everyone is okay. And not trying to kill each other. Is Demyx....are we still having, um, Discomas? What do you do for...Discomas? Dress up please?

Can't sleep anymore.



M -


No. Mom, Mommy -

[Moa scratches and tosses at the blankets on Integra's bed, as though she were only hiding, as though perhaps making a mess of the covers will bring her back into sight.]

No, no no no no NO!

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...I think I'm sick again.

meh. Well, fine. I can still do work.

I - guess I'm a secretary for the supply runners now! Umm...what should I do? Catalog stuff? Decide what we need? I could...probably do that. Probably.

I was kinda wondering about what those people who went away for the Sneakies saw...what's out there? Are there people...?

And I'm re-posting the To-Do List because you all need to add to it. )
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Ness....do you think you could please come over today? Please...

Or...anyone who knows how to help someone who's sick....

I'm sorry, I haven't been paying any attention to what's going on. I heard shouting....is everyone alright....?
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[whimpering. She sounds hoarse.]

I hate....being sick....


is everyone okay....?

hh -

[ooc: hi moa is spending the day throwing up. :<]
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Mommy....? urggh Mom, I...kinda feel...horrible...

Hawkeye, I think I'm sick again...

[pained whimper and the recording cuts.]
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Now I do feel sick...

ugh, I'm so tired. I feel like I'm gonna fall over...
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Doctor Weaver says that I'm a little sick, so I have to eat well and rest a lot. I've got the rest part down, I think, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to eat well...

I had fun on the supply run. It probably wasn't supposed to be fun, but who cares? It's not like we didn't get a lot of stuff done....

I haven't heard a lot of stuff about the masquerade lately...are we still having it...?


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