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A long time ago, when I was still new here, we had a group of people responsible for helping newcomers. They were called...scouts, or escorts, or something that sounded like that. Anyway, they would greet people, give them information about Discedo, and offer to get them someplace safe.

Back then Garcian was the one who had the information posted up....but it was just like the one Patchouli had. Everyone still remembers Patchouli, right? I copied her information post down, and I think it should be put up again for everyone. I can't help with escorting people very well...but I can greet people when they come in. And give them information. We have to keep everyone updated on what we know about this place...or we'll never get anywhere with it.

I should update my information post too. [And a pause.] Sakon's notes are gone too...I thought I wrote them down...

[Minor shuffling through some of the Inventoryland papers. But it's just a surface check, and she's back after a moment or two.]

Anyway, will people help with the escorting?

[ooc: So yes, I would like to reinstate the escorting team for newcomers. Since my characters are already doing a bunch of crap and Moa really can't escort people very effectively, if someone else wants to lead this, please tell me because I am definitely in support of that. XD I do think it's something that we should have both for IC and OOC purposes, though, so here it is being started off. So is anyone up for helping a cute Inventory girl and getting CR with newcomers? :D You know you want to!]
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[And trailing in at the end of the event is a Moa. Friends and family may have heard that she knocked her head and was thus unable to go on the Spero trip, and visitors may have noticed that she was a little more loopy than usual - but still, it wasn't a bad bump, and other than the trip she's been fine.

She is apparently not fine right now. She is in fact just sitting there, on the edge of the bed, crystal in hand. It's hard to see it, but if you turn the volume up there's a bit of sound:

"She must have...[...]...taken. [...] I'm sorry."

There are gulls in the background. Someone sighs and murmurs something meant to be comforting. There is a silence, a silence where things should be said and they aren't, things should be done, but there's no direction to anything. Someone is walking away.

To the uncaring maybe it means nothing. But the ache here is practically tangible. From the crystal, a girl begins to cry.


Mar. 28th, 2010 07:05 pm
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[Have the first-person POV of coming into inventory. Guess who's back?]

I'm back in inventory now. Thank you for watching over it for me, Giovanni.

[Here follows her shuffling around and settling herself on her nest of blankets and pillows and soft things. Now that she's ready to rule over her domain again...]

I think it's long past time that we had one of these. I know Sakon and Patchouli have information posts, so...here's mine.

...I want someone to copy it down on paper. Write it in - English, Japanese, German, any language you know. So if I ever leave...you'll still have it.

[She pauses, gazing at the feed. She's obviously been thinking about this a lot.]

In Orokos, we had the leftovers of an age that no one remembered. We called the people who lived back then the Faded, and we thought that their technology was amazing. No one understood it, but it was so beautiful that we thought the Faded must have had perfect lives. If we had been able to understand their wonders, our lives would be so much better.


They had amazing things. But they had problems as well. Lessons they learned and that we had forgotten, or that we could have learned from their mistakes. But everything had been lost to the Fade, and after it, we started to do the same things as they did. The same mistakes were happening again.

I don't want that to happen to us.

[Her point finished, she reaches over and shuts off the feed.]
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I've never seen a trial before...I think it was....really well done. It felt fair for everyone. I'm glad we have Mr. Edgeworth and Mr. Wright and everyone. You did really well~

I sort of - wonder who did it, though. I mean, I don't know Axel and it looked like he didn't do it, but someone had to, right...? I don't really remember Phineas, but he seemed nice. Not that nice people don't...get hurt sometimes.

[locked to Mona]
Mona, can we talk...?
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....Once upon a time.

There was a city on an island. The people worked hard, and they were happy. They had the technology to cure diseases, and they eliminated crime. Every citizen was prosperous and lived a comfortable life.

But then they became discontent. They had no choices to make. Everything bad had been outlawed, and everything good had been accomplished. They were...stagnant. Soulless.

So the most brilliant minds in the city gathered together. And they decided to fix this problem.

They began to build a machine. They told people that it was a weapon, but it was really an engine. It would harness the power of chaos and throw the world into disorder.

They thought that...by breaking the world, they could start again. They would wipe the slate clean, and create...something to fight against. They needed a struggle, to become...better. They wanted to make the world right again.

At last they completed the Engine, and chaos was unleashed upon their beautiful city.


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