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....Sorata's gone. Shuichi, too.

....Giovanni? Do you think you could come watch inventory for a few days?


If I left....and came back, without knowing this place anymore...what would you do?
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S-s-some - one -

[Guess who doesn't have near enough body fat to keep herself warm in a non-powered high school? She wouldn't've come out of her cocoon of blankets if she hadn't heard a thump from outside inventory. And now she sounds panicked.]

L-Lana i-is - s-something's happened and - Lana, get up! L-LANA!



Wild LANA has fainted! Trainer MOA is panicked!

Use potion y/n?]
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[Moa's plant is growing plump-looking peaches, but Moa is not a happy peach. She stares at the communicator for a moment and then buries her head in her pillow.]

I miss Daniel.

An' Hawkeye.

An' Link.

An' Ness.
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You didn't - do it on purpose. I - I know that. You're...going to come back for me.....after everything...

[her voice cracks.]

It's okay. I'm not - angry. I'll be okay.

[she's trying not to cry, not until she gets the communicator out of her hands at least...]

H-Hawkeye, can I...come stay with you? F-for a little bit. Just....

[mission fail. The tears are falling.]

Feel kind of lonely.
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Sorata...? I got grass seeds from the Scientists. Yorda, Lexaeus, will you help us plant them so they'll grow....?

I found a cookbook, too. At least I think it's a cookbook. You spell "cook" like see oh oh kay, right? See, in Orokan you only need one symbol for "cook". English is weird.

....I hope everyone is okay. And not trying to kill each other. Is Demyx....are we still having, um, Discomas? What do you do for...Discomas? Dress up please?

Can't sleep anymore.



M -


No. Mom, Mommy -

[Moa scratches and tosses at the blankets on Integra's bed, as though she were only hiding, as though perhaps making a mess of the covers will bring her back into sight.]

No, no no no no NO!

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[a long silence]

If any doctors will be free son, I think I would like to get my chip out, please. It's in my neck. I remember when everyone was saying that, a long time ago, that's when I arrived here.

[locked to the Scientists // Somewhat Hackable]
I'd...like to speak with you, please. No - I - need to talk to you.

[deep breath.]

And I think you should listen. I'm one of the ones who really like you, who want to help and work and for everything to be better. And...isn't that important to you? That's why you brought us here.

I think...that we deserve some explanation. You - you're just alienating us, the way you're acting now. I want to keep liking you, but it's hard when you just...toy with us like this. That isn't fair to do that to us. There are some of us, here, who just - don't seem to care. But some of us do, and we want to trust you but you have to give us some trust first for it to work out!

[she's gotten excited, and pauses for breath.]

So...just give us something. Something we can work with. We can help each other, and we can rebuild Discedo...but only together.
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[LOCKED to everyone on her "Relationships" List with a heart or "?", EXCEPT FOR Integra and Miles 'cause he'll just be grumpy. Moderately Hackable.]

Okay, okay. I need everyone's help.

Mom's birthday is on...um...the 27th. Which is two days. "Wednesday"? I don't really know much about birthdays or anything, but I want her to have a party or something....

I think a lot of you have had birthdays, so, um....tell me about them? Help me plan one! Please ♥


Dear Scientists...do you think you cold give my friend Lexaeus a heart? He somehow doesn't have one, and...I think he would...I think he deserves one. He's nice even without it...

Demyx ♥ I was wondering if you could help me with something...
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Dear Sneaky Group Scientists,

Are you still there? We haven't heard from you in...a while...?

Dear Link and Sheik,

Is everything okay? I haven't heard from you and I don't know if you're okay....

Dear Integra,

Do you need anything? I can get things for you...

...and...you'll protect me from the perverts, right....?
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Dear Scientists,

Please help us to rebuild Discedo. We...I think...

[coughs. Formally, as though she's been practicing this.]

We, the...undersigned....residents of Discedo, wish to make this city (of Discedo) into a habitable and prosperous place. As such, we will do everything we can to assist you in...making Discedo better.

[ahem ahem. Rustling of papers; she HAS been practicing. Still nervous, though.]

We also...acknowledge...that there are those who do not wish to assist with the bettering of the city. We accept this, and...well, we accept this. However, for those who do wish to rebuild Discedo....we ask for your help, in whatever way possible.



Thank you for your time.

Psst - guys. Sign your name under here if you agree with this, okay? Please.
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[sobbing noises.]


why did you do this to us...? I...

I want to live. Doesn't everybody?


I don't want to die....


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