dreamermoa: (great scarf of birds)
Moa ([personal profile] dreamermoa) wrote2011-03-26 01:17 am


[The first few moments of this post seem to be filled with gentle rustling. It's not entirely clear what exactly is rustling, or why Moa would turn the communicator on for it, but once it calms down, she offers a phrase.]

I love you.

[There's silence. Although it seems she was hoping for a response, she doesn't sound perturbed. She just repeats herself instead:]

I love you.

[This time, a voice answers her back. It's definitely not human - it's higher and almost tinny. But the words are clear: ]

I love you.

[Moa laughs, pleased.]

Pretty bird.

Pretty bird.

How are you?

[No response this time. Now she addresses you, her audience.]

He doesn't know that one yet.

I'm thinking of naming him Minato.

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